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Simone Giovannoni is a qualified art historian and licensed tour guide for the provinces of Florence, Siena and Lucca. Born and raised in Florence, he holds a BA (with honors) in Art History, and many years of experience as an Art History lecturer to students of all ages  from all over the world.
His profession takes him around Tuscany and most of Italy sharing his knowledge and expertise with English speaking travellers from all over the world. Simone is an ex-smoker that loves sports: running, swimming, martial arts, playing soccer… and watching good soccer games with friends!
Travelling has always been one of his passions. He has traveled extensively through most European countries, and lived in the US and Brazil. Today his favourite travel destinations are Asian countries.
Simone is the “heart” behind Tuscany Together, through which he offers unique and original tailor-made tours in Tuscany – for more info please visit www.tuscanytogether.com

Alberto Sarrantonio is a professional photographer and image consultant. Born in Rome to a roman father and a florentine mother, Alberto is rather a world’s citizen, having spent a good chunk of his life all over the place (US, China, UK, The Netherlands).
Throughout the years spent abroad, Alberto has developed a deep sensitivity for connecting with people from diverse background and capturing the essence of cultures and customs. All that is reflected in his photography, in which the human element is portrayed in the surrounding context with extreme spontaneousness – you can have a look at his work on www.albertosarrantonio.com
Alberto is an active member of the Italian Association of Professional Photographers and of NIKON Professional Services Italy. He is also the “eyes” behind WideOpen, the photo agency through which he offers professional photography services in the fields of events, corporate, people, editorial, avertising, fine art – for more info please visit www.wideopen.it


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